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Terms and Conditions

The signature, and/or payment, and/or verbal agreement from customer and/or authorized agent is acknowledgement of entering into a contract with Anything Plumbing. This contract constitutes the entire agreement listed below. By agreeing to this contract the customer or agent agrees to pay the amount listed on the bottom total line. All payment for work is due within 30 days of work completion or the day determined completed by Anything Plumbing LLC. Balances running past 60 days will be subject to interest at 18% APR and may be collected by any lawful means. The standard warranty is 30 days from the day work is performed. Warranty claims and/or damage claims or any cause are limited to the total invoice amount excluding parts. All claims for warranty and/or damages and/or other are at the sole discretion of Anything Plumbing LLC for determination. All disputes with any determination will be decided with binding arbitration from a licensed or unlicensed arbitrator of Anything Plumbing LLC’s choosing. The customer waves any and all rights and/or claims outside arbitration by entering into this contract. Anything Plumbing LLC reserves the right to modify this contract before or after the start or completion of work and/or at any time where within in any way it chooses. These terms and conditions supersede any other agreements made to customer at any time. Any and all estimates given will go valid for 7 days from the date listed on the estimate or the date the estimate is given and are subject to change at any point.

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